Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fav memory as a year 7

Fav memory in year 7

My favourite memory in year 7 was having the privilege of attending the 2019 Rockshop Bandquest in Mosgiel. I had the honor of being a part of O’nesians band. We would be the first band to represent Oamaru. The travel down was packed with adventure. We sang songs and jammed all the way to Taire College where the competition would be held. We engagedly watched other bands perform to the best of their abilities. The building was full of excitement. “O’nesians please get ready to perform, you're up next”. My guts churning as if it was a washing machine, I follow the others into the back room. We hesitantly prepare ourselves for the big moment that is about to take place on the stage. I lead the band out to the frightening stage. The flying things that used to be butterflies in my stomach are now turning into dinosaurs stomping in anger. I stand with my shaky legs in front of the microphone and stare out into the open audience, my stomach is sore. The soothing music starts and I let out all of my nervous dinosaurs, and fill the room with the start of our first song. We move on to our last song that we perform with our all and with a hyped up vibe. Later we stood on the stage with all the other groups facing the audience, we waited impatiently for the awards to be announced . “ Best Vocalists goes to … O’nesians”. Wait…what? Did I hear that right. Kale, Saane, Pua and I just got “best vocalist”? As I shake the man's hand I feel the whole world at my feet. As we make our way back to where we were standing, the band in 3rd place is awarded. I applaud and give them a smile as they walk past.  

“Runner up is…..O’nesians”. Surely I heard that wrong. Pride, happiness and joy fill the atmosphere. The adults and parents who came to support were cheering like a roaring pack of wolves. I’m speechless. Well, needless to say,  It was Viliami, (Drums) Kenny, (Electric guitar) Lesieli, (Keyboard) Sharifa, (Bass Guitar) Saane, (Vocalist 1) Puaesi, (vocalist 2) Kale, (Vocalist 3) and myself Ayin’s (Vocalist 4) first time at a Banquet Competition, we won best vocalists and 2nd overall. For all the hard work we put into the band, the awards were well deserved. There were also other awards such as 1st placing, best drummer, best electric guitar, best bass guitar and many more. This was one of the favourite experiences of my life. I am proud of the awesome performance we performed and all the memories we made with each other as a band but also with other bands that we met along the way.

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