Wednesday, March 4, 2020

  💮Where I'm From💮

I am from bright and early mornings, often waking up in a cranky mood.
I am from sore legs caused by walking to school in cramped shoes. I am from education being an important priority, getting pushed by my parents to study to my best.

I am from memorising verses, 10 I can say on the top of my head. I am from a bubbly soapy sinks, piled with dirty dishes. I am from that dairy down the road, spending every loose coin on the expired lollies (that are cheaper). 

I am from the clisting Ocean water washing up on the shore, having sand between my toes. 
I am from Fish n Chips on Friday evenings, spending quality time with the family. 
I am from a pacific cultural backgrounds, learning so much more as I grow. I'm from large extended families and more and more cousins.

💮This is where I am from💮

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